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Expert guidance and practical solutions for the changing world of work.

Do you need help creating a positive work culture that promotes productivity and employee satisfaction as a manager? Koen Blanquart can provide expert guidance and practical tips to help you create a thriving work environment.

Koen Blanquart is an author, keynote speaker, and strategy consultant. He shares his experiences in his books, articles, and speeches on seeking ways to balance between leading an exciting life and having a career as an executive. Because clinging to the status quo often means losing competitive advantage. Being a digital nomad, Koen operates worldwide while considering New York his home base. In his most recent book, Koen gathered tips and methods of digital nomads to manage a remote workforce. Whenever Koen finds a chance, he’s out and about with his camera.

Let’s discover A successful career in a meaningful life.

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Books by Koen Blanquart on the next way of working:

Koen Blanquart wrote “The Suitcase Office,” showing managers how to take advantage of asynchronous team organizations and objective-based processes to guide information workers towards an organization where employees can deliver their best work without compromising their personal life objectives.

The book was published in Dutch as “Thuisvoordeel” and in French as ” Bureau à portée de main” by Pelckmans Publishers.

Display of recent books written by Koen Blanquart: The Suitcase Office, Thuisvoordeel and Bureau a portee de main
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Lecture, hybrid work management, and changes

In this lecture, Koen gives insight to (future) managers on the complexity of hybrid work and how to deal with them.
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The Fourth Wave Of Digital Transformation

In 'The Fourth Wave of Digital Transformation, ' Koen discusses the technical and operational building blocks for everyday management.

The Transnational Leader

The war on talent is over: talent won. In this keynote, Koen Blanquart helps middle and senior leaders to create an attractive AND productive organization.

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When it comes to hybrid work and nomadism in modern business, Koen is a well-appreciated speaker. These are some of the events in the near future:

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