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Koen Blanquart

Koen Blanquart is an author, keynote speaker, and strategy consultant. Being a digital nomad, Koen operates worldwide, while he considers New York his home base. In his most recent book, Koen gathered tips and methods of digital nomads to manage a remote workforce. Whenever Koen finds a chance, he’s out and about with his camera.

Koen Blanquart - public speaker

Koens most recent book talks about managing a remote team.

Koen is a speaker for events, boot camps and higher education

Koen is working on a podcast "The Transnational" to be launched soon. He's often a guest on other podcasts.

Koen is the founder and Managing Consultant of Strategic Services Agency in New York.

Books by Koen Blanquart

This book will be published in Dutch by Pelckmans Publishers in the fall of 2021.
An English version is being prepared.


What we can learn from Digital Nomads about Location Independent work
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    Inspire, Challenge

    Koen has been speaking at conferences, events and corporate gatherings on four continents. From small groups of students to thousands at conferences and conventions. Koens unique view on Transnational work, the shifts in employment and environment and the effects of technology give a different view on every day work and life. 

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