A demotivated worker - quiet quitter - at his desk

Quiet Quitting

When employers are afraid to fire underperformers, they risk having quiet quitters in the team. We call it Quiet Quitting when colleagues are delivering just enough work, negatively affecting other staff's engagement.
Men walking in a city - in between workplaces

Remote work: the third workplace?

Remote? Hybrid? Third workplace? They're here to stay, but it's a change for most organizations.
Koen Blanquart and panel members on Thuisvoordeel Launch

Thuisvoordeel Launch

Last week, a few hundred people participated in person and via video stream to launch my new book: Thuisvoordeel. The first feedback also showed the need to think about our organizations in hybrid and asynchronous terms.

The future of business?

The past year has been at the least an experiment in organizations’ ability to adjust to ever-changing restrictions and how they interact with customers. Being able to have face-to-face interaction while optimizing the flexibility of remote…