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Ben Sansen, coach, consultant and podcast host discussed in his 43rd episode the life and choices of a digital nomad with Koen Blanquart

How easily can you build a career remotely? And what does that *digital nomad* life look like in concrete terms? Koen Blanquart has been doing it for years and, in this episode, shares his personal experience about nomadic life. He works as a business consultant with a passion for diving and photography, which he enjoys doing in the *off seasons* of his life.

Over the years, this adventurous passion taught him an extraordinary amount about remote communication in a company, asynchronous working, and synchronous working, as well as made him think about the future of our job market and *the war on talent*. This makes for a fascinating and open conversation about the current challenges of our working lives.

Content episode:

  • How to build a nomadic life?
  • Pitfalls of the digital nomad
  • Productivity: remote vs. hybrid
  • Competition in the international labor market
  • The future of our education
  • Learning from our younger generation
  • The quiet quitter
  • What other cultures teach us
  • Koen’s pitfalls
  • Digital Nomad Warnings

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