The past year has been at the least an experiment in organizations’ ability to adjust to ever-changing restrictions and how they interact with customers. Being able to have face-to-face interaction while optimizing the flexibility of remote workers is the new frontier in the business world. Now that the pandemic is leveling out and people are feeling comfortable returning to regular activities, there is the question of how businesses should operate now? 

Where will you be working?

Is going back to the office the best choice? Some companies seem to think so, as idolizing the traditional office space and 40-hour workweek is a standard many just won’t shake. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as the saying goes. But is this really what is best for your organization? Has the last year not shown the many benefits being able to work remotely offers?

Why Go Hybrid?

With a foot in each door, the compromise of a hybrid-style working environment seems an ideal solution. There are many reasons why a hybrid work model is an answer to the question of what businesses should focus on going forward. 

  1. The hybrid office model allows for the occasional and necessary in-person meeting along with the option of retreating to the office if one needs to while having the flexibility of working from home.
  2. Adapting to the hybrid style model puts an emphasis on output and productivity rather than an inventory of hours worked, forcing people to take greater ownership of projects.
  3. Office costs are significantly reduced from basic utilities to rent, insurance, and supplies as the ability to co-share space is available with a hybrid-style environment.
  4. There’s a greater ability for work-life balance that is important for overall employee satisfaction which reduces turnover and saves money in the long run.
  5. Investing in digital infrastructure and co-op workspaces is more eco-friendly than the traditional office buildings.

Looking ahead

In business, it’s important to look ahead and prepare as best you can for any bumps in the road. With globalization as the norm, the possibility of another mass pandemic is always looming overhead. The logical and possibly wisest decision of how to operate your organization is to adopt ways of working that allow for continued success if forced to work under similar restrictions again. The Hybrid model accounts for this and is the best compromise you can offer your employees.