Go For Happy Magazine: Leven als digitale nomade: iets voor jou?

Jobat en Go For Happy Magazine published an insight in the life of a digital nomad, and a conversation with Koen Blanquart

Sitting on a terrace in the southern sun finishing that report and emailing your colleagues? Why not? In the wake of corona and work-from-home, the idea of digital nomads also got a boost. But what comes with it? Lots of sun, but also lots of choices. « Activities I planned for retirement, I’m already doing, » he says.

Even though he doesn’t describe himself that way, consultant Koen Blanquart is a digital nomad. « I belong to the group of people who have used the freedom of technology to no longer perform their job in one place. And especially no longer in the classic office, » says Blanquart, who wrote the book ‘Thuisvoordeel’ (Suitcase Office) about his experiences. How do you go about it, living and working as a digital nomad?

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