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Focus on work is essential for async knowledge workers

Focus on the right work is an essential skill we must obtain as an information worker in a hybrid/remote async work environment.
décembre 5, 2022/par Koen
A meeting where all participants are sitting behind their laptop

Topless Meetings

Is the way we do note-taking during meetings killing the meeting itself? Our synchronous times are valuable. Time to go (lap-)topless?
novembre 28, 2022/par Koen
Photo by fauxels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-man-sitting-in-front-of-people-3184299/

Conférence, gestion du travail hybride et changements

Dans cette conférence, Koen donne un aperçu aux (futurs) managers de la complexité du travail hybride et de la manière d'y faire face.
novembre 24, 2022/par Koen
woman working on a laptop while seated on a sofa

Focus: meeting-free days

Meeting-free days are an easy to achieve first step in creating a high-performance, async-first work organization.
novembre 21, 2022/par Koen
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: woman in white t-shirt holding a smartphone in front of a laptop

What is Job Crafting (and why is it important)?

Hybrid and remote work only solve the war on talent partially. Job Crafting might be another tool in the arsenal of the agile company.
novembre 14, 2022/par Koen
A demotivated worker - quiet quitter - at his desk

Quiet Quitting

When employers are afraid to fire underperformers, they risk having quiet quitters in the team. We call it Quiet Quitting when colleagues are delivering just enough work, negatively affecting other staff's engagement.
août 16, 2022/par Koen
Men walking in a city - in between workplaces

Remote work: the third workplace?

Remote? Hybrid? Third workplace? They're here to stay, but it's a change for most organizations.
mars 17, 2022/par Koen
Koen Blanquart and panel members on Thuisvoordeel Launch

Thuisvoordeel Launch

Last week, a few hundred people participated in person and via video stream to launch my new book: Thuisvoordeel. The first feedback also showed the need to think about our organizations in hybrid and asynchronous terms.
novembre 1, 2021/par Koen

The future of business?

The past year has been at the least an experiment in organizations’…
mai 6, 2021/par Koen

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