The Maverick Show – Episode 205 – Koen Blanquart

Matt Bowles and Koen Blanquart discuss managing remote teams and much more in this episode of The Maverick Show.

The Maverick Show is ranked the #1 Digital Nomad Travel Podcast in the World by Web Work Travel. So it was with great honor that I accepted the invitation to come on the show and discuss with Matt Bowles a variety of topics:

  • How it all began, how I became a Digital Nomad, and where Matt and I had met before.
  • Businesses, and selling or busting them
  • The Trans Siberian Railroad adventure and sailing to Antarctica
  • New York City, of course
  • Grizzly bears, Alaska and Photography
  • Managing distributed teams, building remote companies, mental health
  • Upcoming travel plans

Tune in to The Maverick Show, Episode 205!

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