Welt: Screenshots and tapped cameras – in the USA, the home office dystopia is coming true

More and more US companies are monitoring their employees in real time, even in the home office. Those who attract negative attention often get a reduced salary. Few employees succeed in outsmarting the control.

Stefan Beutelsbacher looks at how American organizations can’t seem to get away from the old « Butts-in-Seats »-management and install more control systems.

« America seems to be entering a new era of surveillance, » Blanquart says. « Anyone who doesn’t go to the office is strictly monitored. » Many managers, he says, have lost confidence in their employees after soon to be three years of pandemics and home offices. « Rightly or wrongly, the result is the same, » Blanquart says. « Constant observation is becoming normal. »

The article is behind the paywall of Welt (in German).

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