The Milkshake Manifesto

The Milkshake Manifesto was published by Pelckmans Publishers in Dutch as « Thuisvoordeel« 

The English version is expected in the winter of 2021.

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Not that long ago, working from home (WFH) was a reward, a way to find a better work-life balance. But then came COVID-19. WFH became the norm and, for many, the very thing that gets in the way of that balanced life. Should we all return to the office?

Specialists agree that tomorrow’s workplace will be location-independent and even transnational. Location-independent work offers many advantages. It is the answer to employees’ demand for more
autonomy and it creates opportunities in the war on talent.

It makes companies more agile and competitive by removing the constraints of office space, national borders, and traditional working hours.

In Milkshake Manifesto, digital nomad Koen Blanquart shows that people and processes get in the way of a healthy work-life balance rather than location-independent work itself. He shows managers how to set up their operations to manage agendas and projects effectively, even in a transnational context. In doing so, he guides companies on the path to more flexibility, time, and satisfaction among their teams, without sacrificing results.

Koen Blanquart is an international Belgian, a digital nomad based in New York. As an entrepreneur and management consultant, he is betting on technology to increase competitive advantage.