Hybrid Work

How do we combine the need for a better work balance for our teams with the increasing demand for productivity, international growth, and hybrid work?

Covid became, for many, the first test drive of remote work. And it was a tough one. As if we got to experience our first ever commute on an old bike with flat tires. Not because remote work is inherently good or bad, but because we implemented it in the most painful way possible. Organizations that understand the asynchronous ways of increasing performance open the gate to better productivity, engaged employees, and growth that isn’t limited by the geographic location of the main office.

Koen Blanquart has been working and managing teams remotely for over a decade. As a digital nomad, he understands where organizations can take the lead in the war on talent.  Koen authored a book and many articles on hybrid work, digital nomads, and asynchronous organizations.


Koen Blanquart published a book on Hybrid and Remote work, Thuisvoordeel.

  • Asynchronous work

  • Objectives & Key Results

  • The war on talent

  • Employee Engagement

  • Getting started with Hybrid work

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