Koen Blanquart – press and articles

The Suitcase Office, book of the day

The Bookbaby Editorial team selected The Suitcase Office as book of the day.
August 26, 2022/by Koen

De Tijd: ‘Thuiswerken werkt niet zonder strategie’

De Tijd interviewed me on the new work organization.
August 25, 2022/by Koen

L’Echo: Le télétravail n’est efficace que s’il est sous-tendu par une stratégie

L'echo interviewed ne on the work organisation
August 25, 2022/by Koen

Jobat on Quiet Quitting

Jobat looked with Koen Blanquart into the issue of Quiet Quitting.
August 25, 2022/by Koen

Go For Happy Magazine: Leven als digitale nomade

Go For Happy Magazine over Digital Nomads en Koen Blanquart
April 12, 2022/by Koen

Podcast Overmorgen

December 22, 2021/by Koen

Jobat: Vier basics van de digitale nomade

William Visterin schreef dit weekend een artikel over Thuisvoordeel in Jobat
November 22, 2021/by Koen

Review Thuisvoordeel in ZigZagHR

ZigZagHR reviewed Thuisvoordeel (in Dutch)
November 11, 2021/by Koen

mt.be – You can organize remote and time-independent work successful

November 10, 2021/by Koen
Bloovi Magazine

Bloovi.be – interview with Koen Blanquart

Bloovi published an interview with Koen Blanquart
November 10, 2021/by Koen

MT.be Launch Event Thuisvoordeel

mt.be announced the launch event for Koen Blanquarts new book Thuisvoordeel
October 28, 2021/by Koen

Pelckmans Press Release Thuisvoordeel

October 28, 2021/by Koen

Feeling Magazine – what we can learn from Digital Nomads

Feeling Magazine published an article on the future of work with Koen Blanquart and Stijn Baert.
October 26, 2021/by Koen

Trends: Belgians in New York (French)

Gilles Quoistiaux wrote an article for Trends/Tendances (in French) about Belgians in New York, describing Koen's work for Belcham and NGDATA.
July 31, 2014/by Koen