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Fortune Magazine – Koen Blanquart Interview – Fortune Connect

Fortune Magazine interviewed Koen Blanquart for their Fortune Connect series.
February 3, 2023/by Koen

Choose Life Podcast

Ben Sansen invited Koen Blanquart to his podcast "Choose Life". They discussed the challenges and choices of location independent living.
January 4, 2023/by Koen

MT.be: Laten we onze jongere managers in de steek?

Koen Blanquart discussed with mt.be about the causes of the perceived crisis in our middle management. Are we abanding our younger managers?
December 9, 2022/by Koen
Koen Blanquart as guest in The Maverick Show

The Maverick Show – Ep. 205 Koen Blanquart

The Maverick Show is ranked the #1 Digital Nomad Travel Podcast in the World by Web Work Travel. So it was with great honor that I accepted the invitation to come on the show and discuss with Matt Bowles a variety of topics:
October 8, 2022/by Koen

Welt: Screenshots und angezapfte Kameras – in den USA wird die Homeoffice-Dystopie wahr

Stefan Beutelsbacher looks in Welt at how American organizations install workers control systems.
September 30, 2022/by Koen
FM Magazine by Belfa - Logo

FM Magazine – BelFa

FM Magazine spoke with Koen about the impact on facilities management when new ways of working are introduced.
September 28, 2022/by Koen
VOV Logo

VOV – Lerend netwerk

VOV discussed with Koen about the transforming world
September 26, 2022/by Koen

Welt: Methode innere Kündigung – das neue Faible der Generation Z

Stefan Beutelsbacher, writes in Welt about Quiet Quitting, and builds on the ideas of Koen Blanquart.
September 5, 2022/by Koen

The Suitcase Office, book of the day

The Bookbaby Editorial team selected The Suitcase Office as book of the day.
August 26, 2022/by Koen

De Tijd: ‘Thuiswerken werkt niet zonder strategie’

De Tijd interviewed me on the new work organization.
August 25, 2022/by Koen

L’Echo: Le télétravail n’est efficace que s’il est sous-tendu par une stratégie

L'echo interviewed ne on the work organisation
August 25, 2022/by Koen

Jobat on Quiet Quitting

Jobat looked with Koen Blanquart into the issue of Quiet Quitting.
August 25, 2022/by Koen

Go For Happy Magazine: Leven als digitale nomade

Go For Happy Magazine over Digital Nomads en Koen Blanquart
April 12, 2022/by Koen

Podcast Overmorgen

December 22, 2021/by Koen

Jobat: Vier basics van de digitale nomade

William Visterin schreef dit weekend een artikel over Thuisvoordeel in Jobat
November 22, 2021/by Koen

Review Thuisvoordeel in ZigZagHR

ZigZagHR reviewed Thuisvoordeel (in Dutch)
November 11, 2021/by Koen

mt.be – You can organize remote and time-independent work successful

November 10, 2021/by Koen
Bloovi Magazine

Bloovi.be – interview with Koen Blanquart

Bloovi published an interview with Koen Blanquart
November 10, 2021/by Koen

MT.be Launch Event Thuisvoordeel

mt.be announced the launch event for Koen Blanquarts new book Thuisvoordeel
October 28, 2021/by Koen

Pelckmans Press Release Thuisvoordeel

October 28, 2021/by Koen

Feeling Magazine – what we can learn from Digital Nomads

Feeling Magazine published an article on the future of work with Koen Blanquart and Stijn Baert.
October 26, 2021/by Koen
Logo of VRT

Bjorn Soenens – VRT – A life of dreams and contrasts in the USA

Bjorn Soenens, talked about Koen Blanquart's American Dream, among others,in his analysis piece on dreams and contrasts in the U.S.
March 19, 2017/by Koen

Trends: Belgians in New York (French)

Gilles Quoistiaux wrote an article for Trends/Tendances (in French) about Belgians in New York, describing Koen's work for Belcham and NGDATA.
July 31, 2014/by Koen

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