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Lecture, hybrid work management, and changes

In this lecture, Koen gives insight to (future) managers on the complexity of hybrid work and how to deal with them.
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The Fourth Wave Of Digital Transformation

In 'The Fourth Wave of Digital Transformation, ' Koen discusses the technical and operational building blocks for everyday management.

The Transnational Leader

The war on talent is over: talent won. In this keynote, Koen Blanquart helps middle and senior leaders to create an attractive AND productive organization.

Nomadism, the ultimate freedom?

(Digital) Nomads are no new phenomenon, but recently, there has been much about this lifestyle in the media. Is it the ultimate lifestyle?

Sailing to Antarctica

Traveling to Antarctica isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. Koen talks about his journey to this remote continent.

Koen Blanquart is a startup veteran seeking to break organizations’ status quo. He is a dynamic entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker with decades of experience in the business world. His expertise is extensive – he’s helped build companies from the ground up to help those around him succeed too! He’s a leadership expert who challenges people to think differently about their careers while teaching them how to build successful new organizations that will thrive through digital disruption.

Koen Blanquart has lived for over a decade as a digital nomad. The freedom to be where he wants to be when he feels like it has given him the power to be close to customers and their challenges, wherever they are. He lives a large part of the year on his sailboat, the Bagabonda.

Koen has spoken at hundreds of events all around the world. He inspires others through his words about business development trends for current generations, including leadership lessons learned at each stage, along with keynotes on disruptive topics such as digital disruption today.

We can’t go back to the industrial age models

In his latest book, The Suitcase Office, consultant Koen Blanquart shares his insights into the changing work environment. Digital nomads have been leading the way in remote and async work. Koen brings the learnings from this community to every organization willing to win the war on talent.

Koen Blanquart speaking on 10 years flow pilots

Koen is one of the most gifted “new business developers” I know. He’s a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. I love his strategic insights, his fighting spirit, his geeky twists, his broad interests, his fast brain (…)

Inspiring and unique insights for our members!

Koen Blanquart has an inspiring vision on the future of work, and understands perfectly how to engage with an audience.

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