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Koen Blanquart is a startup veteran who seeks to break the status-quo in organizations. Koen is a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Koen is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, and author. He’s a trusted advisor on ways to organize business growth around well-balanced global teams.

The Transnational Leader

The war on talent is over: talent won. In this keynote, Koen Blanquart helps middle and senior leaders to create an attractive AND productive organization.
Koen Blanquart speaking on 10 years flow pilots

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Koen Blanquart is a keynote speaker and author. Do you want to discuss having Koen at your event?

Koen is one of the most gifted “new business developers” I know. He’s a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. I love his strategic insights, his fighting spirit, his geeky twists, his broad interests, his fast brain (…)

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Koen Blanquart has an inspiring vision on the future of work, and understands perfectly how to engage with an audience.