The Fourth Wave Of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a hot topic in many organizations. Why can’t we ignore what’s coming? The digital transformation itself has been evolving over the past decades. Where is the fourth wave taking us? How will the CIO, CFO, and CMO who lived the previous waves be the allies for the CHRO in this one?

What is the fourth wave of Digital Transformation? Why is it impacting our organizations deeper than the previous ones? Koen reveals how talent management drives a fascinating, fast-paced mutation of management and human resources.

Every company has the basics to succeed in the fourth wave. Successful organizations discard the old, industrial thinking and allow the ASYNC workstyle to facilitate talent growth. But many organizations struggle to see the big picture and what areas are impacted by this wicked problem.

In this keynote, ‘The Fourth Wave of Digital Transformation, ‘ Koen gives answers to the questions and describes the building blocks for everyday management. Not a list of remarkable technology evolutions, but a peek into the organization of tomorrow, where people are in the driving seat supported by technology – and not the other way around.

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