The Maverick Show – Episode 205 – Koen Blanquart

Matt Bowles and Koen Blanquart discuss managing remote teams and much more in this episode of The Maverick Show.

The Maverick Show
Koen Blanquart as guest in The Maverick Show

The Maverick Show is ranked the #1 Digital Nomad Travel Podcast in the World by Web Work Travel. So it was with great honor that I accepted the invitation to come on the show and discuss with Matt Bowles a variety of topics:

  • How it all began, how I became a Digital Nomad, and where Matt and I had met before.
  • Businesses, and selling or busting them
  • The Trans Siberian Railroad adventure and sailing to Antarctica
  • New York City, of course
  • Grizzly bears, Alaska and Photography
  • Managing distributed teams, building remote companies, mental health
  • Upcoming travel plans

Tune in to The Maverick Show, Episode 205!

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