Communicating with information workers

Webinar: Communicating with information workers

Communicating in a hybrid or a remote team is vastly different than it was in our old industrial work organization. Over-communicating might be essential, but are we using the right tools and rhythm?

Do we have room for a meaningful, more profound conversation?

Are we not creating a burden on our coworkers with all these messages on all these platforms?

May 9, 2023

18:00 GST – United Arab Emirates
17:00 TRT – Istanbul
16:00 CET – Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris
15:00 GMT – United Kingdom
10 am EDT – New York, USA
07 am PDT – Los Angeles, USA

In English

Webinar - hybrid and remote meetings
  • Recognize the differences between traditional workplaces and hybrid/remote teams regarding communication requirements and strategies.
  • Create guidelines that clarify which platforms and tools are best for various jobs and forms of communication.
  • Encourage team members to propose and use efficient communication tools and platforms by fostering an open communication culture.
  • Utilize the right tools and regularity to prevent the wrong types of overcommunicating and employee burnout.
  • Depending on how well they work for particular tasks and kinds of communication, choose your platforms and tools for communication.
  • Implement rules and regulations that spell out the best ways to use various platforms and communication tools.
  • To improve efficiency and collaboration, teach team members how to use communication tools and platforms.
  • Make regular adjustments to communication tools and policies to ensure they continue to meet the team’s changing requirements.
  • To continually enhance communication practices, solicit team member input on the efficiency of communication policies and tools.
  • Give team members the tools and support to assume responsibility for their communication needs.

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