Webinar - hybrid and remote meetings - empty meeting roon

Webinar: better meetings in a hybrid and remote team

Meeting quality and quantity has become a constant battleground for managers and team members, particularly in hybrid remote work environments. To put it bluntly, many meetings reduce efficiency by disrupting workflow.

How to deal with meetings in this new work organization?

April 20, 2023

18:00 GST – United Arab Emirates
17:00 TRT – Istanbul
16:00 CET – Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris
15:00 GMT – United Kingdom
10 am EDT – New York, USA
07 am PDT – Los Angeles, USA

In English

Webinar - hybrid and remote meetings
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid and remote team gatherings.
  • Learn alternatives for meetings that are considered useless by many team members.
  • Create concise meeting agendas and goals to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Keep remote team members interested and involved during meetings.
  • Use technology to make meetings more enjoyable for both in-person and remote participants.
  • Develop strategies to ensure all team members have equal access to meeting involvement.
  • Recognize the significance of feedback and how to solicit feedback from team members to improve meeting quality constantly.
  • Prevent and manage conflicts that may occur during meetings.
  • Track progress and enhance meeting effectiveness over time by utilizing meeting data and analytics.

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