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Koen Blanquart has been leading teams and companies remotely for the past decade. When seeing how teams and their managers struggled to get organized in the hybrid and remote work setting, he wrote a book: “The Suitcase Office,” and is happy to share his insights and understand your concern in these webinars:

Meeting quality and quantity has become a constant battleground for managers and team members, particularly in hybrid remote work environments. To put it bluntly, many meetings reduce efficiency by disrupting workflow.

How to deal with meetings in this new work organization?

Learn how to improve meeting quality & quantity in hybrid & remote teams. Discover effective communication, engagement & conflict management strategies.

Communicate effectively with information workers in hybrid/remote teams.

Communicating with information workers

May 9, 2023

18:00 GST – United Arab Emirates
17:00 TRT – Istanbul
16:00 CET – Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris
15:00 GMT – United Kingdom
10 am EDT – New York, USA
07 am PDT – Los Angeles, USA

In english

Communicating in a hybrid or a remote team is vastly different than it was in our old industrial work organization. Over-communicating might be essential, but are we using the right tools and rhythm? Do we have room for a meaningful, more profound conversation? Are we not creating a burden on our coworkers with all these messages on all these platforms?

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