Communicating with information workers

Leer hoe u effectief kunt communiceren met informatiewerkers in hybride/externe teams. Ontdek hulpmiddelen, beleid en beste praktijken voor duidelijke en efficiënte communicatie.

Webinar - hybrid and remote meetings - empty meeting roon

Leer de kwaliteit en kwantiteit van vergaderingen te verbeteren in telewerkende, hybride en remote teams. Ontdek effectieve strategieën voor communicatie, betrokkenheid en conflictbeheersing in meetings.

A remote first company can win the war on talent

As a consultant, I understand the challenges that medium-sized organizations face in today’s globalized work environment. With the increasing trend of remote work and the war on talent, implementing a remote-first policy is essential for companies to remain competitive.

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Hybrid work is a type of flexible working arrangement that combines remote and on-site work. It enables staff to work in different settings from home, office, or any other location as needed.

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It’s not uncommon for many employers to allow their employees to work from home. Although it might seem like a dream for some not to have to make a daily commute, it isn’t always the best environment for those that aren’t equipped for it. If you have been thinking about working from home, here are some obvious signs that remote work is for you.

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Woman looking down - feeling abandonded as a manager

When you talk to business leaders today, you hear more and more that they feel that the middle management of our organizations is in crisis. Senior management feels they are not always managing the organization as effectively with these team leaders.

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woman and man riding on motorcycle

A question that gets asked often is why I became a digital nomad. I’ve been trying to find the main drivers to be (and remain) a location independent professional. 

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Ben Sansen nodigde Koen Blanquart uit in zijn podcast “Choose Life”. Zij bespraken de uitdagingen en keuzes van locatie onafhankelijk leven.