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A wingman is a trusted friend or acquaintance who helps you navigate a scene. They are there to offer support and advice and to help you meet new people and make connections. As Executive Wingman, that’s our role and mission.

executive wingman

A wingman is a pilot who flew behind and to the outside of the lead aircraft in a formation. The wingman’s job is to protect the lead airplane from enemy aircraft. The term “wingman” originated during World War I when the military first used bombers in combat. The lead airplane was called the “wing,” and the planes on either side were called “wingsmen.”

Today, the term is generally used to refer to anyone who supports another person. 

The Executive Wingman

A good wingman knows your goals and will do everything possible to help you achieve them. They will also look out for your best interests, ensuring you don’t end up in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. And if you find yourself in a sticky situation, your wingman will help you get out of it.

And while most people think this is social support in dating and hanging out, the same concept is often needed in business. We’re part of management teams, executive committees, boards of directors, and so on, where the wingman is a usefull


The benefits of an executive wingman are straightforward: Executive Teams who receive the right executive coaching and support tend to make wiser choices.

Working with an executive wingman improves team leadership performance and increases emotional intelligence so leaders can use their strengths more effectively. Coaching is a powerful tool in demanding business environments where company resources are under tight scrutiny, as it prioritizes strategic decisions that may change the course of organizations while providing a laser-focused approach tailored explicitly for these key people within an organization’s structure; research has shown significant long term benefits including higher levels resilience (leader durability), better decision-making ability through increased awareness around current issues/ challenges faced by others at all levels throughout any given enterprise or group.


An executive wingman employs specific strategies to help you focus on your strengths while identifying your team’s weaknesses and pain points. They also consider the big picture regarding your professional and business objectives.

The wingman assists you and your management team in developing a strategy and will keep you on track and accountable.

When you get down to it, leadership is about consistently making wise choices and modeling an upbeat, productive attitude for others to imitate. The correct coach can assist you in honing your intuition, enhancing your judgment, elevating your workplace culture, and broadening your perspective to make wise decisions that advance your company continuously.

Even successful leaders find that engaging with an executive coach or wingman increases their success (and their perspective). Because you may invariably learn more, developing excellent leadership skills is a process.

Executive coaching can help you achieve higher performance and greater personal satisfaction at work. While you may be aware that you need to make changes — in behavior, mindset, or both — to advance your career, you won’t reap the benefits of coaching unless you’re prepared to fully engage in the process.

Brenda Steinberg in Harvard Business Review

Having an executive wingman is similar to having a mentor who guides you in decision-making by providing different viewpoints and insights.

Koen Blanquart - executive wingman

Why work with Koen as your executive wingman?

As an experienced executive coach, I will collaborate with you and your team to clarify priorities and identify obstacles and opportunities. I will point out blind spots and potential friction in the team and share resources with you to help you make more informed decisions.

As a coach, I also offer encouragement and support. I was a successful business owner and member of high-performing executive teams, so I can share my extensive experience with you to help you avoid costly mistakes and make more confident decisions.

Anyone working in a professional setting can benefit from the services of an executive wingman. Those in the C-suite and business owners benefit the most because improved performance has a significant impact on company culture and bottom-line results.

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