The Suitcase Office

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The Suitcase Office

What can digital nomads teach us about location-independent work?

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Once upon a time, working from home was rewarding, the way to maintain our work-life balance. But then came corona; working from home became the norm and, for many, the very thing that gets in the way of a balanced life. All back to the office then?

Specialists agree that tomorrow’s workplace will be location independent and even transnational. Location-independent work offers numerous advantages. It is the answer to employees’ demand for more autonomy, and it creates unseen opportunities in the war on talent. And what’s more, it makes companies more agile and competitive because the limitations of office space, national borders, and the traditional (and local) 38-hour week disappear.

In The Suitcase Office, digital nomad Koen Blanquart shows that rather than location-independent work itself, it is mainly people and processes that get in the way of a healthy work-life balance and smooth cooperation. He shows managers how to set up their operations so that agendas and projects are managed efficiently and effectively, even in a transnational context. He sets companies on the path to generating more flexibility, time, and satisfaction among their teams without skimping on results.

Koen Blanquart is an international Belgian, a digital nomad. As a start-up entrepreneur and strategic management consultant, he is betting on disruptive innovation and technology to increase competitive advantage.

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