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When you talk to business leaders today, you hear more and more that they feel that the middle management of our organizations is in crisis. Senior management feels they are not always managing the organization as effectively with these team leaders.

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In the hybrid/remote world, we seek to develop working processes based on the Async-first process idea. As collaborators in a team that embraces async-first work, we become responsible for managing our work time during the non-synchronous moments. I discuss this at length in my book « The Suitcase Office. » But managing output (or better: outcome) requires organizing oneself to deliver. Being able to focus on work becomes an essential skill.

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Meeting-free days might be the first step in creating a high-performance hybrid workspace. We expect middle managers to be less the controller and more the enabler. Managing information workers means shaping the workplace with the team that allows the outcomes to be produced.

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It’s no secret that the traditional 9 to 5 job is becoming a thing of the past. With the advent of technology, information workers can now work from anywhere at any time. This has led to a rise in freelance and contract work and a trend of people working multiple jobs to make ends meet. So what’s the answer? How do we create an organizational system for this new way of life?
One possible solution is job crafting.

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Koen Blanquart as guest in the 242nd episode of De KobeShow: Koen and Kobe discussed work and life as a nomad executive in 2022 and beyond.

The war on talent is over: talent has won! And information work is in an unseen transformation. Transnational business models, where location and time of work are secondary to the outcome and quality of that work provide a management concept that allows keeping up with the evolution in these changing times.

While we struggle to find competent talent for our organizations, we seem to be missing an essential point about how we’ve organized work. We’re often still managing teams like we’re in the Industrial Age.

The Transnational organization creates a new work environment based on mission, vision, and values where the output created by teams and people makes a difference. It allows people to be the best of themselves and create a meaningful career in a meaningful life. Knowledge workers in an engaged team find they can belong to the organization, have healthy autonomy in the work organization, and are improving their abilities every day.

In this keynote, ‘The Transnational Leader, ‘ Koen gives insight into the advantages of our new way of working in the post-Covid-era. He provides building blocks for everyday management. Deep insights combined with tips and tricks to take advantage of these exciting changes.

Key takeaways

The war on Talent

Employee engagement

Objectives and key results

Asynchronous work

Getting started with transnational work

Display of recent books written by Koen Blanquart: The Suitcase Office, Thuisvoordeel and Bureau a portee de main

Koen wrote a book on how to take advantage of transnational models: The Suitcase Office. It was published in Dutch as Thuisvoordeel and in French as Bureau à portée de main.

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