Nomadism, the ultimate freedom?

(Digital) Nomads are no new phenomenon, but since COVID, there has been much to do about the lifestyle in the media. For many people, traveling the world and making money feels like the ultimate life. But is it?

Many people seek to live more independently and add meaningful moments to their lives as much as possible. And for many, this includes traveling to usual and unusual places.

Who are these new nomads? How do they organize their life? Is it as glamorous as their social media accounts want us to believe? After a decade of nomadic living, Koen explains what’s happening behind the curtain of this traveling life.

In this keynote, ‘Nomadism, the ultimate freedom? ‘Koen goes deeper into the advantages and the harsh reality of living as a self-elected homeless person. And how chasing this freedom sometimes comes at a price.

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