Sailing to Antarctica

Antarctica, the white desert, is one of the most desolate areas on the planet. Traveling here isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. Koen was part of a small crew that sailed on a 54-foot sailboat to this remote continent. The nomadic explorer wanted to see what that other Belgian, De Gerlache, had seen about 100 years ago.

The roaring 40s, furious 50s, and screaming 60s refer to the winds of latitudes near Antarctica. Their existence has shaped how shipping routes in this area were used by boats throughout history – especially those which faced their might during intense storms at sea! When a bunch of strangers sails this today, it remains as adventurous as a hundred years ago.

After sailing the Beagle Channel, the Drake Passage, and the Southern Ocean, a unique land shows. Mountains, lakes, penguins, and other unique experiences are the reward for the voyager here.

In this keynote, Koen (who lives part-time on a sailboat) takes the audience to the white desert. Inspiring stories, unique pictures, and insight into the life on board a small sailing vessel.

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